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While some pro-Palestinian organizations genuinely want to help make peace between Palestinians and Israelis, there are a good many which exist solely to attack Israel. These cannot be considered pro-Palestinian in any sense; attacking and demonizing Israel does not help anyone in the region, it merely fuels the conflict.

The most ardent opposition to Israel comes from Palestinian and other Islamic terrorist groups; these have been responsible for thousands of Israeli deaths and hundreds of Palestinian fatalities.

Map of Israel's neighborhood

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Israel’s most immediate, and frequently deadly, opposition comes from the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, who govern Gaza. They are committed to the total destruction of Israel, and to exterminating all non-Muslims from the land. In their own words:

Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors.
— ‘Preamble’ to the Hamas Charter

The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!
— Article Seven, Hamas Charter

[Peace] initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement. For renouncing any part of Palestine means renouncing part of the religion […]

There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad.
— Article Thirteen, Hamas Charter

Translation courtesy of The Jerusalem Fund.

Hamas and other Palestinian groups actively indoctrinate their children with hatred for not only Israel, but all Jews. They are taught that killing Jews is the highest goal to strive for in life – and that it is a great honor to die doing so. The following videos from Hamas’ children’s TV show, Tomorrow’s Pioneers, exemplify this conditioning.

Mickey Mouse rip-off ‘Farfour’ being beaten to death by an Israeli and made a ‘martyr’ (English subtitles, translation courtesy of memri.org)

Bumblebee ‘Nahoul’ discusses killing Jews with children (English subtitles, translation courtesy of memri.org)

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Iran and Hezbollah

Iran is the biggest danger to Israel; they could potentially wipe Israel out with two or three well-placed nuclear strikes, and they constantly threaten to do so. As with most Islamic extremists, the regime in Iran values death over life, so the threat of mutual assured destruction provides little deterrence.

Israel is a fraudulent, illegal and usurper regime. […] Therefore, any negotiation that acknowledges the existence of this regime is doomed to be illegal and unstable.
The struggle is comprised of the lives of those who are not afraid of death. […] This sense of seeking martyrdom is not an emotional one. It is based on belief in Islam and the hereafter.
The despotic regime which governs Palestine today has no right to do so. It is a fake and illegitimate regime fabricated by the cruel powers. So they should not expect the people of Palestine to acknowledge this regime. Any one in the Muslim world who acknowledges this regime will feel a shame and a fatal mistake because this regime will not last for long. […] The fate of Palestine is that one day it will be the country of Palestine. The Palestinians have begun a struggle on this path. The duty of Muslim nations and governments is to lessen the distance in time so that the Palestinian nation will realize that day soon.
— Ayatollah Khamenei

From a document entitled “The solution to the Palestinian problem” on the English version of Ayatollah Khamenei’s own website, under “Palestine”

The Iranian government funds and arms numerous terrorist groups, including the Palestinian groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Lebanese group Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is another Islamic terrorist group committed to Israel’s destruction. Using weapons and funding from the Iranian government, they have perpetrated deadly acts of violence on Israel’s northern population, as well as inflicting death and destruction on the people of Lebanon.

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Other Terrorists

There are a number of other terrorist groups operating in the Palestinian Territories, as well as from surrounding countries; all of them are hostile to Israel.

The Palestine Liberation Organization was the most prominent Palestinian terrorist organization from 1964 until 1982, when it was exiled to Tunis, Tunisia. It officially renounced terrorism in 1993 after the Oslo Accords, and is recognized around the world as the representative of the Palestinian people, despite Hamas winning the last election in 2006. However, factions within the PLO still commit acts of terror, most notably during the Second Intifada, which the organization does little to prevent. The PLO has been run by Fatah, a political party with its own militant factions, since 1967.

Others include:

  • Palestine Islamic Jihad, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and is responsible for attacks which have claimed hundreds of Israeli lives. Currently it is focused on attacking Israel with rockets from Gaza.
  • Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a terrorist wing of Fatah, and has killed Palestinians suspected of ‘collaboration’ with Israel, as well as dozens of Israelis
  • The Popular Resistance Committee, which was formed by former members of Fatah, Hamas, and other terror groups. It is responsible for numerous attacks including suicide bombings and shootings
  • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a faction within the PLO, which is unusual in that it is communist in ideology, rather than Islamic. It is responsible for dozens of attacks on Israelis, including the assassination of Rehavam Ze’evi, the Minister of Tourism, in 2001.

The Islamic State has gained a foothold in both Gaza and the West Bank, with Palestinians finding their ideology and success attractive. Arrests of operatives have also been made inside Israel.

In addition, there are rocket and mortar attacks from various factions in Syria, different terrorists fighting in Lebanon, and Islamic State in Sinai (formerly Ansar Jerusalem) in the Sinai Peninsular of Egypt.

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Palestinian Authority
Joseph's tomb burning

Palestinians set fire to Joseph’s tomb in Nablus, October 2015

The leadership in the West Bank also frequently incites violence toward Israel and rewards convicted terrorists and their families with money. The killing of Jews is glorified among the population and is seen as a legitimate aspiration; when attacks succeed in killing, or even injuring Jews, they are widely celebrated, and the perpetrator gains hero status. As a result, individuals often commit random acts of violence on innocent civilians, including suicide bombings and shootings.

Members of the glorious Palestinian people, wherever you are, I call upon you to rally together and unite, and be alert to the occupation’s schemes that are designed to torpedo our national enterprise. We will never be deterred from defending our people and protecting them. That is our right. [I] congratulate the martyrs, the wounded and the prisoners.
— Mahmoud Abbas, October 15, 2015

Translation courtesy of memri.org

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European marches

In recent years, Europe has seen a steady increase in marches purporting to be pro-Palestinian, but are in practice anti-Israel, many of which have turned violent. The flags of Hamas and Hezbollah are often flown at these rallies, along with banners inciting violence against not only Israel, but Jews as a whole.

This was particularly prevalent in Europe during the last Israel-Hamas war, with the worst cases occurring in Paris, France. There, large groups surrounded synagogues and threw firebombs and other projectiles at them, while shouting murderous statements aimed at Jews, not Israel in particular, despite claiming they were protesting Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Studies have shown there have been surges in anti-Semitic incidents throughout the West, including violent attacks, during Israel’s wars against Hamas. This shows that opposition to Israel goes far beyond reasonable criticism at times and threatens Jewish lives whether they support Israel or not.

uk antisemitism

Anti-Semitism in the UK

Figures from CST

However, hostility to Israel in Europe does not normally consist of such overt demonstrations of violence; rather it is hidden beneath a veneer of professionalism and apparent support for human rights.

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