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Controversial Issues

Separation Barrier / Checkpoints

From 2000 – 2005 thousands of terror attacks were committed on Israelis by Palestinians who crossed over from the West Bank with little obstruction. Hundreds of Israelis lost their lives and thousands more were permanently disabled by the wave of bombings, shootings, and other violence known as the Second Intifada.

Before this wave of violence, there was little restriction on movement between Israel and the Palestinian Territories. However, the security situation brought about by it forced Israel to implement stricter controls on travelers attempting to cross the Green Line. The new measures included constructing a huge concrete wall along the line, and a series of checkpoints throughout the West Bank and at major border crossings.

The checkpoints prevent people from carrying weapons or explosives into Israel and the areas of the West Bank it controls. They cause long delays for travelers, but are necessary to keep Israelis safe.

The separation barrier along the Green Line prevents penetration by terrorists into Israeli border towns, which were a frequent occurrence before its erection. It is much more effective than having troops patrolling the 330km long border and having to engage in violent confrontations with infiltrators.