Head of EU Parliament is against labeling of Israeli products

Last November, the EU published official guidelines on the labeling of Israeli products originating from the West Bank and Golan Heights, ostensibly to harm Israeli businesses operating in those areas and drive them out.

However, the president of the EU Parliament, Martin Schulz recognizes who the true victims of this policy will be.

“I oppose labeling products from the territories. It will mainly hurt the Palestinians, who make an honest living there,” the German politician stated, in reference to the fact that the Israeli businesses in question employ thousands of Palestinian Arabs.

Schulz’s remarks were made during a meeting in Berlin with Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, who added, “Israel will survive the labeling of products. Those who will not survive are the thousands of Palestinian families who work shoulder to shoulder with their Jewish friends and have a shared life there. It will hurt their economy, their lives and their families, and it will destroy the seeds of peace that exist in those employment zones.” Edelstein then wanted to know to whom Europe would have him surrender the Golan. “I am willing to cede the Golan. Just tell me, to whom? To Syria? To ISIS?”

Nor was Schulz alone among Europe’s elite in opposing the labeling of Israeli products. Earlier this month, some 200 EU officials, diplomats, parliamentarians and NATO representatives welcomed in the New Year at a party featuring Israeli “settlement” products. In toasting the New Year, Israeli Ambassador to the EU David Walzer and his guests raised glasses filled with wine from the Golan Heights, before digging in to Israeli foods like falafel and being entertained by an Israeli DJ.


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