Israeli left-wing ‘human rights’ activist helped kill Palestinians who tried to sell land to Jews

A prominent figure from a left-wing Israeli human rights group was caught on camera saying he helps Palestinian authorities find and kill Palestinians who sell land to Jews. On the television program Uvda on Israel’s Channel 2, Ezra Nawi, a pro-Palestinian activist from the Ta’ayush group is heard speaking about four Palestinian real estate sellers, whom Nawi said mistook him for a Jew interested in buying their property.

“Straight away I give their pictures and phone numbers to the Preventive Security Force,” Nawi is heard saying in reference to the Palestinian Authority’s counterintelligence arm. “The Palestinian Authority catches them and kills them. But before it kills them, they get beat up a lot.”

Nawi was also documented obtaining information from a Palestinian who believed Nawi was a Jew interested in purchasing land. Nawi is seen saying he intends to give that information to Palestinian security officials as well. According to Uvda, an activist with the human rights group B’Tselem helped Nawi set up the would-be seller in a sting operation in which the seller would be arrested.

In the Palestinian Authority, selling land to Jews is punishable with death, which officials defended as designed to prevent takeovers by settlers. However, it has not been used officially, with offenders usually sentenced to several years in prison, although in recent years several Palestinians have been murdered, apparently for selling land. Their murders remain unsolved.

Nawi was arrested Monday afternoon at the airport attempting to flee the country. He will undoubtedly face charges for his activities, though what those charges might be remains unclear.

This man is an extreme example of the hypocrisy of some supposed ‘pro-Palestinian’ organizations; both Ta’ayush and B’Tselem have political agendas which are against Israel, but remain silent on the Palestinian Authority’s many human rights abuses. One cannot claim to be for Palestinian rights while being an accessory to their murder.

There are many rights groups operating in Israel which push anti-Israel agendas instead of actually doing anything meaningful to improve Palestinian lives. In doing so, they legitimize the many human rights violations perpetrated by both Hamas and the PA. If they truly cared about the lives of Palestinians they would focus their attention on these more pressing concerns.

These groups demonize and delegitimize Israel in the same way as international organizations do, but are more dangerous to Israel’s struggle to be heard, since they are given more credence for being Israeli themselves. Israel faces serious threats from within as well as without.


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