West of England Friends of Israel meets with Acting Ambassador Eitan Na’eh

Wednesday night West of England Friends of Israel was delighted to host Eitan Na’eh, Acting Israeli Ambassador to the UK. Mr Na’eh is standing in for Mark Regev until Mr Regev arrives in the UK to officially begin the role.

amb naeh

Ambassador Na’eh

Mr Na’eh spoke of the Embassy’s continuing support of movements throughout the country which seek to promote understanding about Israel and the deeper issues within the conflict. He mentioned that the South West of England along with Scotland are the worst parts of the UK for anti-Israel sentiment, but the situation in Scotland has improved as the result of some intensive campaigning.

This is encouraging for us, even as we gaze up at the steep mountain slopes looming ahead of us. Mr Na’eh re-iterated the need for us to be everywhere at once, to rally our masses wherever and whenever we are needed. We all agree we need to rule social media and the internet to effectively counter the hate which permeates our society. We shall be loud and proud.

The Acting Ambassador believes the tide may be turning in Israel’s favor among Europeans; sadly it took a horrendous night of mass murder and terror in Paris for them to see what Israel fights against every day. But now the French understand for sure the pure evil of Daesh and all other Islamist terrorists; they understand these monsters cannot be reasoned with, and certainly will not complain when their security forces shoot to kill.

He also discussed the need to get a wide variety of people involved, including those of the various different faiths – and no faith. The need for co-operation among communities is crucial here, just as it is in the Middle East. Israelis and Palestinians do work together, so anything is possible.

It is clear we and the Embassy staff are working toward the same goals, and we are very grateful for their support.



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  • Reblogged this on Bristol HMD and commented:
    This week, Israel’s acting Ambassador to the United Kingdom addressed students at Bristol University and Bath University. He also met with West of England Friends of Israel.
    He spoke about the importance of the relationship between Israel and the UK, and our common goal to achieve peace, fight terror and avoid mass murder of innocents that we have seen on the streets of Israel and Paris. He also spoke of the similarity of goals between ISIS and the NAZIs, attempting to raise their warped view of who should live and die, and murdering people that do not conform to their ideology. In his own words, akin to this year’s Holocaust Memorial Theme: We must not stand by. Appeasement only allows more innocents to die.


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