23 victims died from terror attacks in Israel in two months

And the world isn’t even listening.

Israelis – and others who are in Israel, including Arabs – have been subjected to a brutal campaign of terror instigated and encouraged by the Palestinian leadership. The violence has touched every part of the country; in the last two months 23 innocent people have died, and countless more have been injured in the spate of stabbings, shootings, and car rammings.

Yet much of the world is apparently okay with it. World leaders rightly condemn terror attacks in France, Nigeria, Mali, and elsewhere, but in Israel it is both sides who are responsible, or even worse, some place the blame entirely on Israel’s shoulders.

US Secretary of State John Kerry recently urged both sides to “act with restraint”, as if the innocent victims were somehow provoking the terrorists. As for the Israeli police and military, when lives are threatened, they are absolutely justified in using deadly force to neutralize the threat. It is their job to protect civilians from this kind of danger. Nobody is telling the French pilots in Syria to “act with restraint” while they are bombing Raqqa and killing civilians.

Are Israeli civilians not innocent? Many an op-ed seeks to justify Palestinian terrorism with the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, but terrorism is never justified. Arab residents of the West Bank do have some legitimate grievances, none of which are going to be resolved by cold-blooded murder. However, the excuses made by parties in the West legitimize this violence, giving more impetus to potential terrorists to go out and attempt to kill Jews.

Palestinian terrorists are the only Islamists encouraged by the West in this way, and Israelis the only victims who are not mourned. Regardless of what they think of the Israeli government or military, it is incomprehensible for Western educated people to think this makes killing people at random on the streets okay. They would never condone murdering random Americans in New York or Washington in retaliation for the Iraq war.

This is just one example of the double standards faced by Israel from all directions.


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