We stand with France and the world against terrorism

French flag

West of England Friends of Israel extend our sympathy to the victims of the terrorist attacks in France and their families, and to all the people of France in their hour of darkness. We stand shoulder to shoulder with all the nations of the world who are fighting against terrorism, be it from subversive bands of murderers or committed by governments on their own people.

We support freedom, justice, and opportunity for all people of the world. We oppose terrorism in all its forms, most especially the murder of innocent civilians.

We stand with the Kurds in their struggle against Daesh and state oppression.

We stand with Israel in its fight against Arab terrorism.

We stand with Palestinians who are battling against the yoke of Hamas and others.

We stand with the Syrian people against all the evil forces tearing their country apart. And the people of Lebanon caught in the crossfire.

We stand with Iraq in its war against Daesh.

We stand with Nigeria as it battles Boko Haram.

We stand with Kenya and Somalia against al-Shabab.

We stand with the people of Iran who face oppressive state-sponsored terrorism.

We stand with Afghanistan in its struggle against the Taliban.

We stand with the USA and UK in the fight against Daesh and al-Qaeda.

We stand with humanity.


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