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Acting Ambassador Eitan Na’eh speaks at several locations in the South West

On Wednesday, Mr Na’eh was well received in two local universities and by a mostly Christian audience of about a hundred people.

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West of England Friends of Israel meets with Acting Ambassador Eitan Na’eh

Wednesday night West of England Friends of Israel was delighted to host Eitan Na’eh, Acting Israeli Ambassador to the UK. Mr Na’eh is standing in for Mark Regev until Mr Regev arrives in the UK to officially begin the role. Mr Na’eh spoke of the Embassy’s continuing support of movements throughout the country which seek to promote understanding about Israel and the

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Q & A with Friends of Israel Educational Foundation

foief logo

On Thursday November 12, WEFI attended a question and answer session run by the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation, and hosted by the River. Answering the questions were two Israelis recently graduated from high school, Ilana Ushomirsky and Roi Nachlieli, both 18. Ilana majored in biology and Arabic, and is thinking of becoming a doctor after her military service, which

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30,000 Palestinians could lose their livelihoods with the new EU labeling guidelines

EU labeling puts 30,000 Palestinian jobs in jeopardy

The BDS movement has once again shown its callous disregard for the people it claims to want to help. On November 11, EU regulators approved guidelines to label goods from Israeli settlements to distinguish them from products made in the rest of Israel. This is ostensibly a measure to allow consumers to make an informed decision on whether or not

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Israeli army medics save life of Palestinian attacker with cutting-edge technique

Tapuah Junction

To Israelis life is precious. Including that of enemy combatants. On the morning of Friday, October 30th, a team of army paramedics was called to the scene of a stabbing attack at Tapuah Junction. They arrived to find the intended victim, a Border Police officer, was uninjured, but one of the attackers was dead, and the other was hemorrhaging, and

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